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Our Story

The Better You Counseling

The journey of The Better You began during one of the most challenging periods in our CEO's life. Amidst facing profound personal losses, including the breakup of a significant relationship and the death of her father, she was also on the cusp of becoming a mother. During this tumultuous time, she was the sole provider and caretaker for herself and her unborn child. It was through her own struggles and the help she received from professional psychologists that she recognized the profound impact mental health has on every aspect of one's life. This personal experience fueled her determination to ensure that others wouldn't have to struggle alone. Motivated by her own journey through grief and recovery, she founded The Better You—a platform dedicated to transforming lives through mental health support and services.


Our Vision

The Better You aims to be a leading provider of mental health services, renowned for compassionate care, innovative programs, and a steadfast commitment to improving the quality of life for individuals and fostering healthy workplace environments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist individuals in becoming the best versions of themselves, living happier, more fulfilling lives through accessible, evidence-based mental health care. We also support businesses in creating mentally healthy workplaces that enhance employee well-being and productivity.

Our Values


We provide empathetic and respectful care to all clients, understanding the diverse challenges they face.


We maintain the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality, ensuring a safe and trusting environment for our clients.


We are committed to achieving the best outcomes through evidence-based practices and continuous learning.


Accessibility: We strive to make our services available and affordable to everyone, regardless of their background or financial situation.


We embrace the latest technology and methodologies to constantly enhance the quality and effectiveness of our services.

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